Internet police train 'Scammer Nanas' to hack their grandkids

The initiative is intended to demonstrate that anyone can be hacked

A woman is seen informing her grandchild they have been hacked

Friday, October 27, 2017

A group of internet-savvy elderly pensioners have been roped into an effort to promote internet safety - as hackers.

The savvy silver surfers have been trained to hack into their grandkids' accounts, to remind them of the benefits of protecting yourself online.

The project by Get Safe Online is called 'Scammer Nana Academy', and there's a video online showing one of the ninja grannies in action.

The video is narrated by a member of the 'scaner nana' team, who talks us through the crack training she and her fellow recruits have received.

The exercise, she says, is to make young people more aware of online scams, and demonstrate that it's not only old people who suffer at the hands of fraudsters and phishermen.

The narrator offers a series of tips to improve internet safety and guard against scams, and she is even seen ringing her grandchild to tell them they've been hacked.

The voice of the grandchild is blurred out, which is probably a good job for the person concerned - being hacked by your nan must be pretty hard to live down at school.

The video can be seen below. If you want to find out more, go to