Internet search history 'deeply implicates man accused of murder'

Internet search history 'deeply implicates man accused of murder'

The man allegedly looked up kidnapping

Monday, February 12, 2018

The internet search history of a man accused of murder "deeply implicates" him, prosecutors in New Zealand have claimed.

Sainey Marong allegedly searched for necrophilia and kidnapping as well as an article called "How to kidnap a girl: an informative guide."

Marong, a butcher, is accused of killing sex worker Renee Duckmanton in Christchurch. 

The prosecution told the court it had "overwhelming" evidence against the man, according to the Otago Daily Times.

Crown prosecutor Sean Mallett claims CCTV shows Marong's car driving past the woman, who was on the street, a few times before stopping for her to get in.

It is claimed the 33-year-old picked her up and then strangled her, before abandoning her body on a road and burning it in 2016.

The next day the body of Duckmanton was discovered on a grass verge. Police then found a lighter, beanie hat and even a sheep's tongue, all of which linked to Marong, the court heard.

It is claimed Marong bought bin bags and cleaning items after the woman's body was discovered.

The woman allegedly told her boyfriend the man she was with wanted to go to his own home and would pay her $300 (£216).The prosecution claims it has evidence of the man taking this amount of money out of a cashpoint.

Marong has denied the murder.