Interrogation chairs put up for sale online in China

Interrogation chairs put up for sale online in China

Some of the chairs can have handcuffs attached to them

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

You might think the only way you'd see an interrogation chair is, well... if something really bad had happened.

But it transpires that the chairs are actually being sold online in China, so, whatever you want to do with one, you can buy it now.

A number of different sellers are using the Chinese shopping website Taobao to sell the restraint chairs usually used by Chinese police forces.

Some cost as little as 500 yuan (£55) whereas others can cost up to 3,000 yuan (£340), according to the South China Morning Post.

One seller providing the product claimed it was intended for courts and police, however anyone could buy it without being questioned. 

This seller also has a security shop and a staff member said identification checks were not completed on those purchasing the chairs. Which seems something of an oversight.

The member of staff also claimed people could use fake names to buy the product and can request that the packaging not contain any detailed description of its contents.

The chairs were spotted by a project called China Law Translate, which translates Chinese legal information to English.

It tweeted: “Judicial reforms don’t always move as fast as we want, but who can deny the progress of being able to buy these interrogation chairs in three different colours on Taobao at such reasonable prices."

Taobao has not yet commented on the matter.