'The investigation has really taken its toll', says Mike Read on friend Cliff Richard

'I think the investigation has really taken its toll', says Mike Read on friend Cliff Richard

The investigation should have been conducted more quietly, says Read

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mike Read, close friend of Cliff Richard has claimed the investigation on the singer was too open.

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced there is insufficient evidence to prosecute Cliff Richard over allegations of historical sex abuse.

Richard has always claimed he is innocent, but has revealed he felt "hung out like live bait" after his name was published in the media.

The former Radio 1 DJ Read says the investigation has affected Richard massively.

"Here's a guy who's raised hundreds of millions for charity, has been a great ambassador for the country," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"With any investigation – do it quietly, look at it. But this has been so open, I think it's really taken its toll certainly mentally and physically in the last two years.

"I interviewed him last October, I think it was the only interview he's done in that last two years, and he's talking but he’s not there, that cloud is over your head the whole time."

Read believes the situation has been made worse by Richards' popularity.

"I think high profile people have even more of a problem simply because of that, if someone accuses someone of the same thing and they're not known, they can get on with their life and nobody ever know who they are.

"His question is why has it dragged out do long? Why has the paperwork taken so long? You'll never get the two years back, and I think it'll take him a while to get back up there."