Iran warns Donald Trump: 'We'll leave nuclear agreement if you keep coercing us'

Iran threatens to leave nuclear agreement if US continues 'sanctions and coercion' policy

Hassan Rohani threw down the gauntlet to the US president

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Iran has warned it will leave the nuclear agreement very quickly if the US continues to conduct a "sanctions and coercion policy."

The announcement was made by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a televised speech from the country's Parliament. 

The nuclear agreement was struck in July 2015, with Tehran agreeing to limit its nuclear programme to civilian uses in exchange for a gradual lifting of international sanctions. 

But the Trump administration has proved hostile to this arrangement, seeking to impose legal and economic sanctions on the country. 

Rouhani said in the speech Donald Trump's actions showed the US was not a "good partner" for Iran because of its "sanctions and coercion policy."

He made it clear to the US President the Iranian government could return to the previous manner of operation prior to the deal within "days or hours" and be stronger for it. 

At the moment, Trump has not responded to Rouhani over this declaration.