Irish eurosceptic group launches campaign demanding republic leave EU

Irish eurosceptic group launches campaign demanding Republic leave EU

Thursday, March 28, 2019

An Irish eurosceptic group has launched a nationwide billboard campaign calling for the country to leave the EU.

The Irish Freedom Party erected posters across the country making the case against EU membership.

One of the posters includes an image of Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins and EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker with the slogan: "EU membership means paying old men we didn't elect to make EU laws we don't need."

The Brexit-inspired group has applied for official political party registration and intends to run candidates in the European elections.

Party founder Hermann Kelly and chairwoman Professor Dolores Cahill of University College Dublin have announced their intention to run in the election if the group is registered.

The campaign was funded by donations from members of the group.

Communications director James Darby said: "We believe the best people to look after Irish affairs are the Irish people themselves.

"We will be making the case to be a normal, self-governing and independent state.

"Something that those who came before us, sacrificed to create for the good of their children's future."

The group maintains it is the only party that believes in Irish freedom and national sovereignty.

Mr Darby said it was time to reject the "politically correct Europhile establishment" and embrace the "patriotic alternative".

"The days of subservience to foreign authority should be over," Mr Darby said.


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