Irish government denies threatening to derail Brexit as Northern Ireland border row continues

Irish government denies threatening Brexit as Northern Ireland border row continues

The border continues to be an issue in the Brexit talks

Monday, November 27, 2017

The Irish government has denied reports of threatening to derail the Brexit negotiations but has maintained it would be resolute in its position over the border with Northern Ireland.

Theresa May has only a week left to meet a deadline set by the European Union to make progress on key issues in the talks, including the handling of the border with the Republic of Ireland.

The government in Dublin has indicated talks will be held up unless the Prime Minister gives a firm guarantee on the border.

This led to Ukip accusing Ireland of acting in a threatening way to the UK, but this was denied by Simon Coveney, the Irish Foreign Affairs Minister.

He said Ireland would be “resolute” in finding a “sensible way” to negotiate Brexit which does not harm the Republic.

Dublin has pointed out the issue would be resolved if the UK or just Northern Ireland opted to stay in the single market and customs union – an idea which has been dismissed by Theresa May.

Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, has said this issue can not be fixed until the negotiations move forward.