Isis French priest murder 'will increase attendance at British churches'

Church Security: 'People will support the churches', as new guidance is sent out, says National Churchwatch

Churches are being sent new security guidance

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Director of National Churchwatch has advised churches to keep their doors open for safety, as they send new security guidance to UK churches in light of the murder of French priest Jacques Hamel.

The organisation also advises churches to install CCTV and limit themselves to one public entrance, and warns small villages that their churches may be at greater risk.

Director Nick Tolson told talkRADIO he believed the recent attacks in France, which were claimed by Isis, "will increase attendance to church. I think people will support the churches, a lot of people call themselves Christians but don't necessarily go to church. 

"They might want to come in and be able to sit in there for an hour or help them out.

"If you open your church during the day, people start using the building, and they've got eyes and they've got phones," he added. "They report the crime, whereas if you've got a locked church, criminals have time to break in there and do what they like.

"You must have somebody on the door to welcome people, and we know that when people commit serious offences with a knife or a gun, they will very often carry it openly as they walk up the road. If somebody can see that, you need to be able to shut that door and give you a few minutes to get everyone out of the church."

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