Isis hackers attack NHS websites and uploads graphic Syrian war images

Isis-linked group hacks NHS websites and uploads graphic Syrian war images

The group hacked six NHS websites

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hackers linked to Isis have carried out a series of attacks on NHS websites, exposing flaws in their security system.

A group based in North Africa posted graphic images from the war in Syria to the websites, stating that they were retaliating for the West’s aggression in the Middle East, The Independent found. 

The group is named the Tunisian Fallaga Team and they hacked six websites three weeks ago. Two sites in particular were severely damaged. 

This is believed to be the first attack from an Isis-linked group on the NHS.

No further details on the attack were given due to security, however it is thought that patient data was vulnerable.

But first checks show that the data doesn't seem to have been compromised and patient safety appears not to be at risk.

The Tunisian group has carried out attacks on several countries over the last 18 months and was quite active after the Charlie Hebdo attack, focusing on organisations who condemned the murdering of journalists.

The Government previously warned that the NHS was at risk of cyber-attacks.

But the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee criticised the role of the Cabinet Office last week, as it is responsible for protecting national organisations from hacking.

The committee claimed the office is confused about the approach to handling personal data breaches.