Isis massacres 12 young people as they flee Mosul

Isis left the bodies as a grim reminder to others who try to flee

An Iraqi soldier inspects the debris on January 22, 2017 at a Catholic monastery in Mosul. The city has been decimated by the ongoing fighting between government troops and Isis fighters

Monday, February 6, 2017

Islamic State fighters have massacred 12 young people in the west of Mosul as they attempted to flee the clutches of the jihadist group.

An Iraqi government source told news agency Efe that the victims were arrested in the village of Al Haui, before being moved to the district of Al Zanyili.

After executing the young people, the jihadists reportedly ordered local residents not to move the bodies, as they want them to remain as a reminder to anyone else who "tries to flee the caliphate."

Federal police are currently carrying out raids in eastern Mosul with the aim of arresting those terrorists who are hiding in the zone. The raids are being carried out with the assistance of local residents.