‘This isn’t the Brexit I voted for’ says Brexiteer in airport queue

The tweet has been shared thousands of times

Friday, February 14, 2020

A Brexiteer who spent nearly an hour in an immigration queue at an EU airport has taken to twitter to complain that it was not “the Brexit I voted for”.

Colin Browning was at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam when he shared the post, which has received more than 17,000 responses and 11,000 likes.

He wrote: “Absolutely disgusting service at Schiphol airport. 55 minutes we have been stood in the immigration queue. This isn’t the Brexit I voted for.”

“Colin” has been trending on the social media site throughout the day, with many Twitter users unsympathetic to Mr Browning’s predicament.

One account said it was “exactly” what he had voted for, adding: “It’s called freedom of movement for a reason, and you voted to end that.”

Remain-supporting Labour MEP Seb Dance replied simply with “Oh Colin”.

Responding to his critics, Mr Browning said: “I didn’t vote to stand in a queue for over an hour why [sic] some jobsworth checks our passports.

“I spent more time at immigration than I did in the air getting to my destination.”

However, Schiphol airport has denied that the immigration delays were due to Brexit – saying the queues were longer than usual because of staff training.

A spokesperson answered queries online saying: “There have been no changes at our airport for UK travellers.

“New staff members were being trained yesterday, leading to longer queues at the passport control than usual.

“Sadly, this tweet has taken on a life of its own.”

The airport has said that procedures and checks will remain unchanged over the transition period between now and January next year.

Some have speculated that Mr Browning's tweet was a parody, but his profile features a number of other posts about Brexit which do not appear to be so.

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