Israel outraged by Poland's proposed Holocaust legislation

Israel outraged by Poland's proposed Holocaust legislation

Yisrael Katz is calling for Israel's ambassador to Poland to be recalled

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ministers in Israel have been outraged by proposed legislation which would make it a criminal offence to accuse Poland of complicity in the Nazis' crimes.

A senate vote has been held in Poland and it agreed that the legislation should be put in place and is now waiting for approval by the country's president.

Prior to the vote Israel had been told it would be consulted on the matter through a joint taskforce, according to Haaretz.

Construction and housing minister Yoav Galant has tweeted about the matter, slamming the outcome of the vote as "Holocaust denial."

Former foreign minister Zipi Livni claimed the legislation is "spitting in the face of Israel twice, both as the nation of the Jewish people and also against the prime minister who announced he had reached agreements with the Poles – if there were such [understandings]."

Transport minister Yisrael Katz is calling for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recall Israel's ambassador to Poland over the legislation.

Katz said that the law is "serious and constitutes a denial of responsibility and of Poland's role in the Jewish Holocaust."

He believes there must be a "clear decision" which commemorates "the victims of the Holocaust over any other consideration."

The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial centre, which preserves the memory of those murdered by the Nazis, has described the situation as “disappointing" and claims the law could cause " a distortion of the historical truth because of the limitations it places on various expressions."