Israeli minister accuses Al-Jazeera of airing Nazi-style propaganda

Israeli minister accuses Al Jazeera of airing propaganda similar to Nazi Germany

Accusations of anti-Israeli bias have been levelled at Al-Jazeera

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A minister in Israel has accused Al-Jazeera of spouting propaganda comparable to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

The country's defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has publicly started he would be in favour of closing down local offices of the Qatari broadcaster, claiming its content about Israel was "hostile" while it never said anything negative about the Jewish state's key rival, Iran.

Offices of the TV channel across the Persian Gulf have been closed as a diplomatic crisis between Qatar and five other countries continues.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is reportedly considering the shutdown of all Israel offices of the TV station. 

Al-Jazeera, which has roughly 80 offices around the world, has denied all allegations of bias.