Israeli minister calls for the 'assassination' of Bashar al-Assad

Israeli minister calls for the 'assassination' of Bashar al-Assad

Yoav Galant likened actions committed by the Syrian regime to the Nazi Party

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An Israeli minister has caused a stir by calling for the assassination of Bashar al-Assad. 

Housing Minister Yoav Galant accused the Syrian President and his regime of gassing his own people and burning bodies.

He said they were committing crimes similar to those perpetrated by the Nazis during the time of the Holocaust.

Galant was reacting to a US government statement on Monday that the Syrian regime constructed a crematorium to dispose of the bodies of prisoners in what they claim is an attempt to hide evidence of mass killing.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting Galant said it was time to "eliminate" Assad because he had crossed the "red line" in an interview for army radio.