Israeli officials turn on Trump over Russia reports

Israeli officials express fear over Donald Trump allegedly sharing information with Russia

Buzzfeed News spoke to two Israeli intelligence officials who were concerned over the

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Two Israeli intelligence officials expressed their fears about sharing information with the US in future, following the allegations against Donald Trump earlier this week.

The US president came under fire after it was reported by The Washington Post he had shared intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in their Washington meeting last week. 

The information reportedly related to a potential Islamic State plot to smuggle explosives in laptops onto commercial flights, supplied to the US by an unspecified ally.

With growing speculation as to who gave the intelligence, Buzzfeed News appears to have confirmed the ally was Israel after interviewing two Israeli intelligence officials on Tuesday, who said the information about the Isis plot matched what had been provided to America.

Speaking anonymously to the site, the officials said there was a unique relationship between Israel and the US in regard to intelligence, and said that, if America is passing on information without notifying them, this confirms their "worst fears."

While information provided by Israel has been shared with other countries before, they explained it was normally done in a "co-ordinated manner", and this made Donald Trump's admission unusual and "inappropriate."

One said the allegations had infuriated other intelligence officers, who were demanding to know whether this "special relationship" would continue. 

The White House has stated no information pertaining to intelligence sources or military tactics was shared in the meeting in Washington, and the conversation was merely a broad discussion on counter terrorism. 

Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend himself, saying it was his "absolute right" to share information.