Israel's Trump supporters faced hellish abuse - but it's all worth it

Donald Trump t-shirts are seen on sale in Jerusalem's Old City

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jonny Daniels was a member of the team championing Donald Trump in the US Presidential election. Here he gives his view on the result to talkRADIO.

Every President of The United States, for as long as I can remember, has worked on attempting to broker a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians. However no-one has come even remotely close to any real level of success, because their approach was wrong. They didn’t truly understand the dynamics of the region, they didn’t understand who they are dealing with.

If this were a game of poker, Israel’s hand is remarkably limited. We let go of the ‘main obstacle for peace’ card a few years ago, at the supposed request of a US President; we threw one of our major cards down in the pursuit of peace with Gaza, and look at where it got us - now we have ISIS in our back yard. Therefore Israel has to know that we are dealing with a serious, honest partner before anything can begin.

President-Elect Trump has made very clear that his focus will be on internal issues. His focus will be on making America Great Again, from the inside out, and a strong America is exactly what the world needs. We know that President- Elect Trump understands the facts on the ground and has a full understanding, and deep belief, that the Jewish people have an absolute right to live in safety in their Home Land, the State of Israel.

Mr Trump will lead an administration that understands the right of Israel to defend itself when need be, and the right of Israel to stand strong in the face of terror. He will make the distinction between acting in defence and offence.

As the President-Elect said so eloquently on 60 Minutes just a few days ago, as a life-long successful businessman he knows how to make a deal. An Israeli-Palestinian peace accord would be the ultimate deal. 

However, we also know that you don't become a successful businessman, especially not in New York real estate, without doing your due diligence on your partner first. Just as you wouldn’t walk into a boardroom to make a deal when the person sitting opposite has questionable means and may not be able to keep up with payments, you wouldn’t enter a deal with a partner that says one thing to your face and another behind your back.

You wouldn’t enter into a deal with someone that doesn’t accept your absolute right to be in the boardroom, and you wouldn't enter the boardroom with someone educating their children to hate you, be it through school text books, children's TV shows or popular culture, naming soccer stadiums after terrorists.

President-Elect Trump understands the need to fundamentally change the way Israelis are viewed by the Palestinians, but he also understands that they must first openly accept Israel’s right to exist and the Jewish people's connection to the land of Israel. He understands the need to stop the education of hatred towards the Jewish people before any deal can be brought to the table.

There is no secret that this was one of the ugliest and most difficult campaigns we have witnessed  in modern history, and sadly the Republicans in Israel all too often found ourselves on the end of bitter, sick and twisted attacks, by organizations such as, amongst others, Al Jazeera and the non-profit, US-based lobby group J-Street.

These organizations made numerous videos attacking the campaign and even targeted some of our staff personally, sadly leading to a torrent of abusive and threatening language, the most horrendous stream of personal attacks. However, in all honesty these attacks played to our advantage. When fringe extreme-left organizations such as J-Street attack you, the majority of Israelis quickly understand that you're probably in the right. 

After all those attacks, we've come out the other side and the people in Israel have a lot to be happy to about. President Trump's government will understand the situation in the Middle East better than President Obama ever did. Mr Obama's lack of understanding, his weakness, over the past eight years has led to the expansion of terror across our back yard. When he should have stood with Egyptian President Mubarak, he stood aside, resulting in absolute chaos, hundreds of unnecessary deaths and a serious lack of stability. When President Obama should have stood tall and dealt with the most horrendous of dictators, such as Bashar al-Assad, he again stood aside, showed weakness and has destabilized the region even further. 

Mr Trump's victory brought plenty of protest and recrimination in Israel (Getty)

Perhaps most importantly, regarding Iran, President Obama was not, as many think, blissfully naive. He went into a bad deal with Iran with his eyes open and a full understanding that this couldnt’t end well. But he sacrificed long-term pain for short-term gain. This isn’t the action one would expect from the ‘Leader of the Free World’ this is the action of a leader who cares only of his personal legacy and of someone trying to make sense of a very odd Nobel Peace Prize.

There were things said during this campaign that shocked us all, things that were not viewed positively in Israel and that people correctly thought Mr Trump should apologize for. However, by the time we were ready to speak about it, the apology had been issued by Trump and the situation was over. Sadly, on the other hand whilst Mr. Trump said some not very nice things, Secretary Clinton did some really horrendous ones. Things that were never apologized for like the email scandal, the Bengazi disasters under her watch, the foreign governmental money questionably given to her foundation - not a single word. 

The campaign was full of accusations against both candidates, and by the end the US voters had to put the accusations to one side and vote for the candidate that most shared their values, vote for the candidate that would lead the world against the terror attacks inside the United States, in London, Paris, Ankara and Jerusalem. The people voted for a commander-in-chief who will show strength against our mutual enemies and not someone who allowed ISIS to become a monster under her watch. 

The people of the United States were not voting for a Pope or chief Rabbi, they were voting for a commander-in-chief. The only place you will find a perfect candidate is in Hollywood.

Everyone can see that Mr Trump's triumph is part of a wider moment that is sick and tired of so-called political correctness, which has lead us down a very slippery path. The people are looking for a leader who will fight terror, who won’t be afraid to do what is necessary with the terrorists in Guantanamo, and who will fight extremists. The people are looking for a strong leader, an outsider who will amend the mistakes of the elites. Someone who will actually make them feel safe, rather than giving a false sense of safety.

People don't want political correctness, they want actual correctness. And that is what Mr Trump will bring, both for America and the wider world.

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