It is a shame but less short films are being made, says director of Killing Eve

It is a shame but less short films are being made, says Director of Killing Eve

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The director of Killing Eve Harry Bradbeer has said that “there is plenty of money” in longform TV because it attracts “great actors”, but there are less shorter films being made.

Mr Bradbeer, who is a BAFTA award-winning Director, told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham and Daisy McAndrew: “People are piling into TV because the longform format has been so well exploited. People are developing such long storylines and it is attracting great actors because of the character development that it involves.

“And, there is plenty of money. That is how it is at present.

“Short-form so a 90 minute movie – there are less of them being made which is a shame.”


‘Binge-watching is a respected way of judging ratings’

When Mr Bradbeer was asked whether he knew all the episodes of Killing Eve would be immediately uploaded to BBC iPlayer, he said he did not know.

He added: “I didn’t but I am not surprised. Binge-watching and online catch-up is now respected as a way of judging ratings.”

“Because we can watch things one after the other, we love them and we carry on watching it.

“A show that was almost made for binging was something like Breaking Bad because it used to have basically no time cuts between one episode and the next.

“So you went from someone asking a question to in the next episode that question being answered.

“That is something I think will happen more and more because people decide that it is going to be shot in one block.”

Killing Eve is a BBC thriller which follows a security operative’s hunt for an assassin, played by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.

The eight episode series is available on the BBC iPlayer to watch now as a complete box set.