The Italian doctor travelling to patients on a horse

The Italian doctor travelling to patients on a horse

Roberto Anfosso rides a horse to his patients (Stock image)

Friday, February 16, 2018

An Italian doctor has been travelling to treat patients in a rather unconventional manner for years - and now he's spoken out about the many advantages this form of transport offers.

Roberto Anfosso works in the Piedmont region and has been riding a horse as part of his work for the last 10 years.

The 63-year-old has said the majority of his patients are elderly and many of the home visits he makes are to check blood pressures and monitor diabetes.

He keep medical items he needs for the calls in a saddlebag on his four-year-old horse, according to The Local.

Although he also works in a doctor's surgery, he rides the horse to home appointments at all times of the year, even when it is icy underfoot.

Anfosso said: "Every week, I ride 80 to 100 kilometres on horseback. In the first three years, I made 1,000 visits, now I've stopped counting."

The man believes not only is it a convenient way for him to travel, it also means "the patient feels that he has more time to devote to them. It creates a special, very human, less institutional relationship."

Anfosso has also revealed many patients spend time with the horse and he thinks this relieves some of their stress.