'It's a wind up! You can't take it seriously', says Alan McGee on Bob Geldof's Brentwood Festival rant

'It's a wind up! You can't take it seriously', says friend Alan McGee on Bob Geldof's rant

Fans were upset after Bob Geldof swore at festival-goers

Friday, July 22, 2016

Critics of Live Aid founder and political activist Bob Geldof have been told not to take a recent foul-mouthed rant seriously, after the singer was criticised for his outburst at the Brentwood Festival last weekend. 

Music industry executive Alan McGee, who launched the Creation Records label in 1983 and helped the careers of bands such as Oasis, Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and the Libertines, leaped to the defence of Geldof after the Boomtown Rats singer swore at festival-goers for being “boring and tame” and chastised them for "wearing Primark instead of dressing for a rock and roll festival".

"Bob Geldof is Bob Geldof, he used to do the exact same stuff [years ago]," McGee told Danny Kelly.

"Maybe he's worth 30 or 40 million now, but he's still the same lunatic. 

"It's a wind up! You can't take it seriously."

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