'I've eaten over a million sprouts in the last 25 years', claims man who celebrates Christmas every day

Andy Park

Andy Park. Image: Andy Park/Facebook

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A man who celebrates Christmas everyday has claimed that he has now eaten over a million sprouts and around 9,500 turkeys.

Andy Park, a.k.a Mr Christmas, told talkRADIO's Jeremy Kyle that he began his daily celebrations after getting "fed up" with his job as a salesman 25 years ago.

"I basically sell white goods and refurbish stuff, always have done. I got fed up, I came home, put all the decorations up, got the party poppers out, the crackers and an old VHS copy of the Queen's speech and it was really good, really nice, and I thought yeah, this is Christmas," Mr Park said.

"The next day I did the exact same thing again."



The Christmas enthusiast told Jeremy that he "loves sprouts" and estimated he had consumed over a million of them since 1993, along with 9,500 turkeys.

Jeremy pressed Mr Park, 55, on whether he struggled with relationships, but he claimed he had a "lovely lady" who cooked him turkey regularly, and friends who thought he was "crackers".

Mr Park, from Wiltshire, has claimed to have spent over £1 million on celebrating the holiday to date, including the cost of sending himself Christmas cards and presents.

"To see presents under the tree when you get up in the morning gives you the emphasis to get up," he added.