Jacob Rees-Mogg backlash: James Whale hammers former Ukip candidate over gay marriage and abortion comments

James Whale has fiery argument with Christian campaigner over abortion

Alan Craig had come onto the show to discuss Jacob Rees-Mogg's comments

Thursday, September 7, 2017

James Whale ended up having a fierce row with a Christian political campaigner over his views of abortion on his show on Wednesday night. 

Alan Craig, a political campaigner who was a former Newham councillor and leader of the Christian People’s Alliance, had come onto the show to discuss Jacob Rees-Mogg. 

The Conservative MP for North East Somerset had told ITV's Good Morning Britain he didn't believe in abortion "in any circumstance", including that of rape or incest, and hinted he didn't believe in same-sex marriage. 

Craig, who stood for election as a Ukip candidate on two occasions as well as running for Mayor of London in 2008, told James: "I think the main thing is how utterly refreshing it is for a politician people are talking about as a future prime minister to come out and say he doesn’t believe in abortion under any circumstance, even after rape has taken place, and secondly he doesn’t believe in gay marriage.

"He thinks marriage is according to a man and a woman. In this politically correct age, for someone to come out like that, I think people who don’t agree with him will think of him as a principled guy."

As the conversation progressed, Craig revealed his own view of life beginning from conception and how he didn't think anyone except the state had the right to take life in terms of abortion. 

This steadily raised our host's ire until he finally exploded: "You are so thick. What is it about life you don’t understand?

"What is you don’t understand about how some people are just not made for parenthood, that many children in this country and around the world are brought up by some people who shouldn’t even have a guinea pig?"

Listen above.