Jacob Rees-Mogg denies PM misled Queen

Jacob Rees-Mogg called the accusations 'nonsense'

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg has insisted Boris Johnson “in no way misled” the Queen over the decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks.

The Commons Leader said such an accusation was “absolute nonsense” as “there was no plot” from Downing Street to deceive the monarch.

“I mustn't be dragged into this because of the legal case but Her Majesty was in no way misled,” he said.

“We don't plot, governments make decisions.”

The Supreme Court is currently hearing appeals on two separate court challenges over whether the prorogation was unlawful.

Mr Rees-Mogg has also opened a path for the 21 Conservative MPs who were kicked out of the party for voting against the government to return.

“I think that it is human to err, it is divine to forgive and the Prime Minister is very close to being divine I think,” he said.

Earlier, the Commons leader labelled Brexit Party head Nigel Farage a “very distinguished political figure and an important contributor” to recent events in the UK.

However he also appealed to Brexit Party voters to support the Conservatives at the next election.

“If you vote for the Brexit Party at the next general election, it's a vote effectively for Jeremy Corbyn. Think very hard, is that what you want?” he said.

“Or do you want a Prime Minister who has completely committed to delivering Brexit and with a majority would be able to do great things for this country?”

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