Jacob Rees-Mogg issues apology to doctor opposed to no-deal Brexit

Dr Nicholl challenged the MP to repeat his comments

Friday, September 6, 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg has apologised to an NHS doctor he compared to a disgraced anti-vaxxer in a row over no-deal Brexit planning.

Consultant neurologist Dr David Nicholl helped write plans for a no deal, but spoke out as a whistleblower over the government's apparent inability to stockpile certain drugs.

It prompted the Commons leader to compare the consultant to former doctor Andrew Wakefield, who was blamed for the scare over thas a whistleblower overe MMR jab, and consequently struck off the medical register.

Mr Rees-Mogg's comments were condemned by the British Medical Association, who described the politicians actions as "totally irresponsible".

And a Number 10 source said that the Prime Minister did not endorse Mr Rees-Mogg's view.

Dr Nicholl stood outside Parliament with a megaphone yesterday in protest at the Tory MP's remarks, and demanded he repeat his words outside of the Commons, so he is not protected by parliamentary privilege, 

"I challenge Jacob Rees-Mogg to come out of the House of Commons and repeat what he said in public. If he does, I will sue, thank you," he shouted.

However, the politician has since apologised, saying he had the "utmost respect for all of the country's hardworking medical professionals".

Health Secretary Matt Hancock welcomed the move.

He tweeted: "One of my jobs as Health Secretary is to stick up for doctors. It's vital clinicians can provide expert advice.

"I defend to the hilt the right of clinicians and civil servants to provide advice without fear or favour. I’m glad Jacob has apologised."

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