Jacqueline Wilson 'misinformed' about trans issues

Jacqueline Wilson

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dame Jacqueline Wilson has come under fire from a trans activist after airing her concerns about transgender children taking hormones.

Aquila Hope, who identifies as non-binary, appeared on the drive show to discuss comments made by the author, in which she said she was "very worried" about young children taking "drugs, hormones or whatever" in order to change gender.

However, Ms Hope said the comments were made without knowing "the facts".

“In this country we don’t have access to hormones; the only thing that’s being discussed is hormone blockers which can essentially pause puberty," she told talkRADIO's Eamonn Holmes.

“It’s not something you do lightly, it’s something where parents will be sat down and consulted. It isn’t something that will be done at the drop of a hat."

She continued: “With any trans person of any age, hormone therapy is something you actually read up on to learn about the things you can and can’t do.”

Dame Wilson added that children were likely to change their minds, and should wait until they were "utterly mature" before transitioning.

Ms Hope said: “I wouldn’t say she has set the trans movement back, but I would say people will be very cautious to actually understand what she’s saying.”

Words by Wesley Hudson

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