James Comey decision 'is sensible, legitimate and a benefit to Donald Trump', say Republicans Overseas

James Comey: 'The decision is sensible, legitimate and a benefit to Donald Trump', says Republicans Overseas

Donald Trump has fired James Comey (Stock image)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Donald Trump's decision to sack FBI director James Comey is sensible, legitimate and to the President's benefit, according to Republicans Overseas.

The US President dismissed Comey over his handling of the inquiry into Hillary Clinton's emails. However, the FBI is still investigating alleged links between Trump's campaign and Russia.

Republicans Overseas' Alex Sundstrom told Julia Hartley-Brewer that he believes the sacking was justifiable and it will be a benefit to Trump, as it will make people focus on the Russian investigation and get it over and done with.

Sundstrom believes nothing will be found in the Russia found, as, he says, Trump was under surveillance by the Obama administration and nothing came out.

But Julia hit back and said it's a fact that Trump was not under surveillance by Obama and claimed it is fake news, which she doesn't deal with.

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