James Max on Dyson: 'Businesses don't make political statements'

Sir James Dyson

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Business expert and talkRADIO presenter James Max has claimed Dyson moving its head offices to Singapore is not because of "concerns" over Brexit.

The appliance maker was criticised for moving to the country, as its founder Sir James Dyson is a vocal supporter of leaving the European Union.

Appearing on the Mike Graham show, Max said the move was unlikely to be a "political statement".



"Businesses don't make political statements. They make statements based on what is right for the business and their shareholders," he said.

"At the moment our politicians, both remainers and Brexiteers, who are causing a frustrating discussion instead of simply getting on with the job of what the British people voted for. That is causing the indecisiveness and indecision. Nothing to do with Brexit. If they just got on with it, business would continue."

Max added that the move could be due to the "significant risk" posed by a Labour government.

"If the country were to have a general election, and if Corbyn were to come to power, that has a significant risk for many international businesses because the tax rates would rise significantly. So he's [Sir James Dyson] preparing himself for all eventualities," he said.