James May tells us about the new series of The Grand Tour and gives an update on Richard Hammond

James May on The Grand Tour, his book, and Richard Hammond's recovery

The TV presenter swung by the studio for a chat

Friday, June 16, 2017

James May popped by the studio for a chat with Paul Ross this morning. 

The presenter, along with Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, has been filming the second series of Amazon's The Grand Tour

He spoke to Paul Ross about how he's finding it, and shared more details of his new book The Reassembler, which has also been made into a BBC TV series.

The presenter also shared more details on Hammond, who was recently involved in a car crash. 

"He's got a broken bone in his knee which has been pinned together. He's a bit grumpy, he's gonna be on sticks for a few months," May said.

"But we're pleased with the result, it could have been a lot worse."

Listen above.