James Whale angers Brexit MP Peter Bone by telling him he's talking 'rubbish'

Brexit continues to divide opinion in the UK, six months on from the referendum

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

James Whale had a rather heated exchange of views with pro-Brexit MP Peter Bone this morning, which got the lawmaker rather angry.

Things started amicably enough, but then our presenter told Bone he was "talking rubbish" about Brexit and suggested MPs often go into politics for the wrong reasons - prompting a stern response from our interviewee.

James asked Bone "what did the people of Europe do to you?" to which Bone replied that he loves Europe - but hates the EU.

Our presenter also suggested we should get out of the Commonwealth as "they don't do a lot for us" and many of them "have appalling human rights records." Bone did not agree with this and had little truck with James's suggestion that India's human rights record is highly questionable.

Listen to the full interview above