James Whale believes dog owners should face sterner punishment for attacks

James Whale calls for dog owners to be severely punished for dog attacks on people

James Whale says it should be harder for people to get dogs (Stock image)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Owners of dogs who attack people should be more severely punished and it should be more difficult for people to acquire a pet, according to James Whale.

He made the comments when talking to RSPCA dog welfare expert doctor Samantha Gaines about dog attacks, specifically about who should take the blame for them.

Gaines agreed with James that dog owners who have done anything to encourage a dog to attack someone should be punished, and believes people don't appreciate just how complex dogs are.

She said that people need to seriously consider the implications of having a dog before getting one, as it is a life-changing decision. The RSPCA is calling for dog licensing to be introduced, so people will consider the responsibility of having a dog more.

She also added that early intervention is needed to educate people about dogs, particularly for children as they are vulnerable and should never be alone with one.

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