James Whale hammers Mick Cash for 'using tragedy to further your own ends' in furious Southern Rail clash

'You're out of order' - James Whale lambasts Mick Cash over Southern Rail Strikes

Passengers during a previous strike

Monday, December 19, 2016

James Whale has lambasted the General Secretary of the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Union over the ongoing strikes across the Southern Rail network this morning.

James spoke to Mick Cash on the day that train conductors launched a fresh two-day strike over the role of guards on driver-only trains, continuing a wave of strikes which have dragged on throughout the year. Last week saw a blackout on the entire Southern network in the worst disruption for 20 years.

Cash insisted that his members are doing "what they believe is right" and suggested that, having worked on the railway for almost 25 years, he knows what he's doing.

However James had little truck for his arguments and the interview got particularly heated when Cash referencied some of the tragedies witnessed on British rail lines since they were privatised in the 1990s.

"You're out of order", James told him. "You're being a little naughty, using those catastrophies, you are out of order. 

"You are using a tragedy to get your own way."

Listen to the interview above.