James Whale insists he turned Derek Acorah into a star

Thursday, August 3, 2017

James Whale told his talkRADIO listeners that he made Derek Acorah a star - and also found time to gossip about his plastic surgery.

Our host reckons that the scouse ghost-whisperer, who entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Wednesday night, was nothing before he appeared on his radio show.

James went on to say "he's had a bit of work done", which may or may not be a scurrilous lie, while Ash suggested the Most Haunted star looks a bit like Bill Clinton.

Things went downhill when James' team started trying to do Scouse accents, which prompted James to ask Ash if he's turned into a robot, and then our shaggy-haired co-presenter plumbed even further depths by insinuating that Acorah's psychic abilities may not be entirely real.

Listen above.