James Whale opens up on his wife's battle with lung cancer

James Whale spoke movingly about his wife's illness

James Whale spoke movingly about his wife's illness

Thursday, February 15, 2018

James Whale gave as moving account of his wife's battle with cancer on talkRADIO - and urged anyone who has a long-term cough to go to the doctor.

James revealed that his wife Melinda was diagnosed with the illness just before Christmas and he's been deciding how to discuss it ever since.

He added that Melinda had urged him to speak out, as "she wants a discussion to start.

"Melinda wants people to know that you can get lung cancer if you don't smoke.

"She had a cough, not a bad cough, but she had a cough for over a year.

"I said 'go to the doctors, go' but she said 'I feel fine'. Had she gone to the doctor maybe a couple of years ago, we wouldn't be in this situation now.

"If you get a cough and for no reason it never seems to go, then for goodness sake, if you're coughing for more than a couple of weeks, go to the doctor."

Listen below.