James Whale says MP Emma Dent Coad is guilty of treason over Prince Harry comments

James Whale has strong words for Emma Dent Coad MP over her Prince Harry comments

Our host was not happy with the MP for Kensington's comments about Prince Harry

Thursday, September 28, 2017

James Whale had some very strong words for Emma Dent Coad MP over her comments about Prince Harry and Prince William.

The MP for Kensington, who was elected in the 2017 General Election, questioned the former's ability to pilot a helicopter. 

In remarks made at the Labour Party conference, she claimed he sat in the vehicle going "vroom, vroom."

She also said Prince Harry and his elder brother William were "not very bright" and encouraged them to drift off and be playboys. 

Well, her remarks did not sit well with our host, a staunch royalist. 

He said: "This Emma Dent Coad, whoever she is, let's get her on. 

"Let's get the silly woman on. If this were a bloke, I'd be calling him out.

"She should get down on her knees and beg forgiveness, because to me, that's treason."

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