James Whale on Scottish Nationalists: 'You wanted to leave the UK so don’t tell me Trump is intolerant!'

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

TalkRADIO’s James Whale has accused Scottish Nationalists of being intolerant for wanting to leave the United Kingdom.

Talking on his show on Monday, James was joined by SNP MP Tommy Sheppard as the two clashed about Donald Trump in a fiery debate.

Mr Sheppard has been vocal about his opposition to Donald Trump and his visit to the United Kingdom last week.

“I don’t see you complaining about some of the countries in the Middle-East, Tommy Sheppard,” said Whale.

“I don’t see you getting people out on the streets. I don’t see you complaining about anything else other than this man is little uncouth and a little rude, aren’t you embarrassed?”

However Tommy sharply replied saying: “You’ll find me directly protesting against those countries, and you will find I supported demonstrations outside Downing Street when the Prime Minister supported people like the Saudi Prince and President of Erdoğan of Turkey.

“But here’s the difference with Trump: he holds the office as the President of the United States, the most senior position in the world, and he’s running around the world like a cheerleader really for a campaign to make bigotry and intolerance respectable.”

“What about you Scottish Nationalists, you wanted to leave the United Kingdom so don't give me this rubbish that Trump is intolerant. You're as intolerant as anybody else!” exclaimed Whale.

He then went onto accuse the Scottish politician of “following the herd” after protests against the US President were held in Glasgow, as well as places like London, Oxford and Windsor.

“The only reason you demonstrate against Trump is because he is a little uncouth, he says it as it is, if he said it with lovely beautiful fragrant words as Obama you would not be out on the streets complaining,” he said

“I think you’re talking rubbish Tommy, and I think you’re following the herd.”