James Whale v Peter Hitchens, round 2: Listen to the complete rematch

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Forget Mayweather versus McGregor... the biggest fight of the last week was played out on the talkRADIO airwaves on Wednesday night.

James 'The Killer' Whale took on Peter Hitchens in an eagerly-anticipated rematch after our star presenter was disqualified for some below-the-belt tactics in their first bout.

Whale spent much of the interview laying into Hitchens, the veteran journalist and author, about cannabis, with James putting Hitchens on the ropes with his liberal view that the drug should be made legal, and our interviewee slugging back with gusto.

Hitchens said the laws on drugs should be much more rigorously enforced, while James said "it's a free country" and people shouldn't be subject to prosecution if they aren't hurting anyone.

The interview got heated at times, with James accusing his opponent of using too many big words and Hitchens saying our host will be "responsible for disaster" if he and his fellow media advocates succeed in getting cannabis legalised.

Hitchens also revealed he'd tried smoking cannabis himself, but it hadn't affected himself much as "I'm not a smoker."

Listen to the ding-dong above.