Jamie Oliver: learning about nutrition has made me spiritual

Jamie Oliver says that learning more about nutrition has made him "spiritual"

Jamie Oliver says that learning more about nutrition has made him "spiritual"

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Jamie Oliver has said that learning more about nutrition in recent years has made him "spiritual".

The celebrity chef, food writer and restaurateur also said he will spend the next 12 years campaigning to improve the nation's health in order to fight Britain's childhood obesity crisis.

He told Balance magazine: "I have made a decision to go all-out for the next 12 years to get things where they should be.

"The statistics are really frightening. One in three step into secondary school as obese. And 85% of those will be like that for the rest of their lives.

"When you witness things, it changes you."

He added: "I never used to be spiritual but ... I am now. I think nutrition has made me spiritual, the more I have learned.

"There's no such thing as perfection and anyone who tells you they've got it is a liar.

"I think questioning things is always good. Knowing you could always do better feels like a good place to be."

In recent years, Oliver has campaigned about a sugar tax and school dinners in a bid to tackle childhood obesity, and his TV programmes and books have veered towards focusing on healthier foods.

In 2015, his restaurant chain, Jamie's Italian, added a 10p levy to non-alcoholic sugar-sweetened beverages, with proceeds going to a children's health fund which offered grants for child health initiatives.

It was later found that customers are less likely to buy sugary soft drinks if they cost that 10p extra and a new tax on sugary drinks, supported by Oliver, will take effect on Friday.