Jamie Oliver restaurant to be replaced by McDonald's in Surrey

The chef openly campaigned against the fast-food chain

Friday, January 10, 2020

A Jamie Oliver restaurant in Surrey is set to be replaced by McDonald’s after the TV chef’s UK chain collapsed last summer.

The fast-food giant will move into the former Jamie’s Italian building in Guildford town centre, which is said to have been empty since its closure in May 2019.

The use of his former building as a fast-food outlet will no doubt come as a blow to Mr Oliver, who has long campaigned for healthy eating.

He has also previously criticised McDonald’s in particular, claiming its burgers were “unfit for human consumption”, accusing them of using beef trimmings treated with ammonia known as “pink slime”.

McDonald’s denied the claim.

The restaurant was one of 25 that closed nationwide.

This week, planning documents on the Guildford Borough Council website show proposals to refurbish the restaurant on Friary Street “in accordance with the McDonald’s brand, whilst enhancing its overall appearance and impact on the street scene”.

It also applied for permission to install two illuminated signs showing the famous “Golden Arches” of McDonald’s branding.

In 2018 the celebrity chef wrote a letter Theresa May urging the government to tackle childhood obesity.

It included arguments to end “junk food” marketing on television before 9pm, to introduce calorie labels on restaurant menus and the ambition to halve childhood obesity by 2030.

More than 1,000 jobs were put at risk when Mr Oliver’s restaurant group, which also included steak house Barbecoa and Fifteen – the chef said he was “devastated”.

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