Japanese robots to battle it out in Hunger Games-style forest

Real life Robot Hunger Games are coming to Japan

The robots will compete in a series of three challenges

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Japanese robot enthusiasts are being invited to submit their droids for a competition in a Hunger Games-style setting.

The robots will compete in a huge forest which looks just like the sort of rustic setting used for the hit film series.

But unlike the Hunger Games contestants, who were locked in a battle of survival, the robots will be challenged to complete a variety of rescue tasks to gauge their ability to detect a human and keep it alive.

One will be to find a mannequin, which is meant to represent a missing person, and transmit its location and pictures.

Another category will see the robots transporting a 3kg relief kit containing items such as water and a blanket for the mannequin.

Finally they will have to carry the 50kg mannequin to back to the starting point, holding it in a container that keeps the temperature at an adequate level.

The 'missing person' will be fitted with sensors to measure temperature and impact to study how well the robots do at keeping the temperature at the right level and not subjecting the mannequin to any excess shock.

Individual and team entries are being permitted, however there has to be at least one Japanese member for each entry, according to the Japan News

The competition will begin with an orientation meeting between 16th-17th September.