Jared O'Mara: 'Labour Party should have spotted reports when they selected him', says Guido Fawkes founder

Jared O'Mara: 'Labour Party should have spotted reports when they selected him', says Guido Fawkes founder

Paul Staines spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer just before the MP's suspension (Credit: Twitter @jomarampoffice)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The founder of the Guido Fawkes news website has said the Labour Party should have spotted the reports surrounding Jared O'Mara when he was selected as a political candidate in the election earlier this year. 

O'Mara has now been suspended by Labour over the allegations, which centre on an incident with a woman called Sophie Evans outside a nightclub, as well as sexist and homophobic posts made on the internet 15 years ago. 

O'Mara denis the accusations made by Evans - who spoke to talkRADIO this morning - but accepts he made inappropriate comments online and has resigned from the Women and Equalities Committee. 

Staines - who spoke to talkRADIO just minutes before O'Mara was suspended - told our host: "He says he’s on a journey, and that this was when he was young.

"But a lot of this stuff was written after he was elected as a Labour councillor, which suggests the journey should have been completed before he became a political candidate.

"People who are candidates tend to hopefully have a good reputation, and if he’s going around calling people names, it’s something the Labour Party should have spotted when they selected him.

"He’s not of the usual calibre to expect from a politician in a winnable seat. He was selected probably without much examination, by the NEC [Labour's ruling committee] rather than locals who might have known him better."

O'Mara has also suggested that, had he been a Tory, there would have been a stronger case for his suspension as th Conservatives are naturally inclined against equality and social justice.

Staines admitted that O'Mara had a point, saying a Tory MP "would not be given the benefit of the doubt". 

However, he said Jeremy Corbyn and other members of the Labour hierarchy had no choice but to purge O'Mara as "by the time we get the weekend, we'll find more people coming forward to the Sunday papers".

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