Jayden Moodie: London's youngest stab victim died in 'targeted attack'


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A 14-year-old boy who was knocked off a moped and stabbed multiple times died in a targeted attack, police have said.

Schoolboy Jayden Moodie was murdered in Leyton, east London, an area notorious for drug dealing and so-called county lines drug gangs, who often exploit children.

He is the youngest person to die in a street attack in the capital for more than a year.



The attack took place at around 6.30pm on Bickley Road on Tuesday, with three men stabbing the boy several times as he lay unconscious in the road after they rammed a car into his moped.

Detective Chief Inspector Larry Smith, from the Metropolitan Police murder squad, said: "Everything that we have learned about this attack so far indicates it was targeted and intent on lethal force from the outset.

Flowers left on Bickley Road. Image: John Stillwell/PA

"We are doing everything we can to catch those who carried out this cowardly attack and bring them to justice."

Investigators are currently trying to trace the black Mercedes B Class involved in the crash. It is believed to have extensive damage to the front.

In 2018, around a fifth of homicide victims in London were teenagers, most of whom were stabbed. The youngest victim was 15.