Jealous husband convicted of killing wife's lover in Dalston - the week's court news

The week's court news: from a jealous lawyer to unlawful subletting

Friday, January 13, 2017

In the latest instalment, Court News and talkRADIO round up the latest stories from UK courts over the past week.

From a man who killed his estranged wife's lover to a former council boss on trial for the alleged unlawful subletting of her home, we have combed the length and breadth of the country for the weirdest, most riveting stories. 

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Jealous husband faces years behind bars for killing estranged wife’s lover 

A jealous husband who stalked his estranged wife for weeks before killing her secret lover is facing years behind bars.

47-year-old Huseyin Akkoyun strangled Mehmet Degerli with a cord after luring him into a car in Dalston. He was killed merely 100 metres from the home Akkoyun had shared with his wife Semra Yermuk and their four children. Akkoyun had moved out last April after their marriage had broken down.

In addition to being strangled, the married 49-year-old was also viciously beaten before Akkoyun drove over his body in a residential car park.

Degerli had been visiting Yermuk when she’d spotted her estranged husband and his nephew in a nearby car. She’d panicked and pulled up in a nearby road while Degerli went to check if anyone was around and examine the car.

Peter Finnigan, prosecuting, said that was the last time she saw him alive, for Degerli was then found dead in the parking lot off Sandringham Road at 3am.

The jury cleared Akkoyun’s nephew, 21-year-old Mustafa Alparslan, of murder. 

While Southwark Crown Court cleared him of murder, Akkoyun was convicted of manslaughter after a month-long trial.

His sentence will be given today (Friday) 


Military historian accused of theft didn’t return book because he felt ‘intimidated’ by Dambuster widow’s family

A military historian on trial for alleged theft of a logbook from the widow of one the heroes of the Dambusters raid said he failed to return it because he felt 'intimidated' by her family.

Alex Bateman, 48, persuaded 92-year-old Doris Fraser to hand over the treasured £10,000 diary – it had belonged to her late husband John Fraser, who aimed the bombs in the first wave of the raid on the Möhn dam.

Wood Green Crown Court heard that when Mrs Fraser asked for its return, Bateman allegedly concocted a series of excuses in order to hold on to it, which he denies doing.

While giving evidence, Bateman claimed repeatedly that he’d found the letters and emails from Fraser, her family, and their solicitors to be ‘intimidating.

He said: 'I wasn't expecting a letter straight away threatening me with court action – within three days of [claiming to own the log book].

'It was threatening and intimidating, which I thought was rather strange.'

Bateman repeatedly insisted that at no point did he consider himself the rightful owner of the logbook.

The case was originally dealt with as a civil matter, but an investigation for theft was opened in 2015.

Bateman denies one count of theft.


Former council boss on trial accused of unlawful subletting

A court has heard that a former council boss sublet her £1m social housing property following her purchase of a new home so her sister could live there for just £140 a week.

Former senior council officer Kathryn Adedeji, 47, had rented the two-bed maisonette in Granville Square, King's Cross since 1998.

Similar properties in the sought-after location have recently sold for more than £1m although the social housing unit is let at low rent to eligible people.

The Old Bailey heard that the 47-year-old had tried to swap flats with her sister, 40-year-old Blessing Adedeji, but when the 'mutual exchange' fell through, Kathryn sublet the flat to her sister, while Blessing rented out her own flat to cover the rent.

Jurors were told the pair were caught when suspicious housing association bosses made enquiries at Kathryn's new address in South Norwood and found her living there, jurors were told.

Meanwhile, Blessing was discovered at the Granville Square property and the sisters were arrested and charged under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act.

Each sister is standing trial for unlawfully subletting a dwelling, while Kathryn is also accused of fraud for allegedly making a false declaration of her address.

Both have denied all charges against them.