'Jean-Claude Juncker regards a good Brexit as a threat to the entire EU', says MEP Daniel Hannan

Brexit: 'Juncker regards a prosperous UK with friendly EU relationship as a threat to the Union', says MEP Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan claimed the European Commission president sees a beneficial deal as a threat to the union

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Top Brexiteer Daniel Hannan has claimed Jean-Claude Juncker is threatened by the prospect of a good Brexit deal for the UK, and this fear underpinned his alleged leak about last week's Downing Street dinner.

Hannan, former leader of Conservative MEPs and a published author on Brexit, said the European Commission president doesn't want a "mutually-advantageous" deal to result from the Brexit negotiations, as this would be "a threat to the doctrine of the union."

A report emerged in the German media over the weekend about last week's dinner, painting a hugely negative picture of Theresa May and her approach to Brexit. Juncker is widely believed to have leaked the details which led to the report.

In an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Hannan claimed Juncker has ensured the Brexit talks begin "in an atmosphere of mistrust and recrimination" rather than a constructive spirit which could actually benefit everyone.

Hannan also alluded to the reports of the EU's 'divorce bill' which, according to the Financial Times, has risen to €100bn (£85bn). Our interviewee said the reports of the bill were simply "an attempt by Brussels to take back control."

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