Jemma Lucy’s Instagram ad banned

The ad is no longer on the influencer's Instagram feed

Thursday, August 1, 2019

An Instagram influencer who promoted weight loss food supplements while pregnant has been told to take down the post.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) received 25 complaints when Jemma Lucy posted a picture of herself with three packets of Skinny Caffe coffees and hot chocolates which are claimed to aid weight loss.

Skinny Caffe provided the following text that accompanied the image: “I’ve been staying in shape with my go to @skinnycaffe products. I love the Coffee’s [sic], Hot Chocolate’s [sic] and the Thermosyn capsules are amazing! I love to use them as me and some of the girls have been seeing great results and they work with or without exercise. You can lose up to 7lbs in 7 days with Thermosyn. Right now you can claim your first packet of Thermosyn free by clicking here”

The post which linked to Skinny Caffe's website was also criticised for not being clearly identifiable as advertising and because the health claims made were “not acceptable”.

The claim referring to losing 7lbs in seven days, “clearly referred to a rate and amount of weight loss in relation to a food”, in breach of the advertising code.

While Ms Lucy did not state she used the products while pregnant, the watchdog ruled her post “encouraged an unsafe practice and was irresponsible" and encouraged consumers, including women who may be pregnant, to use the products to lose weight.

The Ex on the Beach contestant has some half a million followers on Instagram and gave birth to her daughter on May 25.

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