Jenna Eastland: Mum accused of sexualising daughter for fame says critics 'have something wrong with them'

'There's something wrong with people who think children in revealing outfits are sexualised', says mother Jenna Eastland

Layla Belle is set to enter a beauty pageant (Stock image)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A mother bombarded with criticism for spending thousands on fake tan and skimpy outfits for her 7-year-old daughter says critics "have something wrong with them."

Jenna Eastland has been accused of sexualising her daughter Layla Thompson, who goes by the stage name Layla Belle, after it emerged that she had spent a fortune on clothes and accessories for the child and expressed the hope that she would be snapped up by a reality TV show.

But an unrepentant Eastland told James Max and Carole Malone: "I do spend thousands but the thing is within that money she does actually get dancing private dancing lessons. She’s signed up to a talent agency in London.

"The reality TV star quote actually came from the fact that she could be going to India in September for a beauty pageant. What I’d said was 'wouldn’t it be amazing if a film crew followed her over there? wouldn’t it be great TV?"

Carole asked Eastland about some photos she'd seen of her daughter in revealing outfits, but the mother argued: "I do think that people who look at a child and think 'oh she’s sexualised as a child' that’s something sadly wrong with them because to me I just see a little girl in a dance outfit who wants to dress up.

The mother added: "She is actually a very talented child but Layla knows who she is and she knows who she is on the inside and it doesn’t matter what she looks like. She knows that I love her and the family love her."

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