Jennifer Lawrence escapes uninjured after private jet engines cut out

Jennifer Lawrence escapes uninjured after private jet makes emergency landing as engines cut out

Jennifer Lawrence was onboard a plane when engines cut out (Stock image)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Actress Jennifer Lawrence was travelling on a private jet when the aircraft had to make an emergency landing.

The plane was travelling from Louisville, Kentucky to New Jersey and was 31,000 feet high when two engines failed, reports claim.

This caused the plane to descend but pilots were able to control the aircraft and keep it above the the city of Buffalo.

Pilots then conducted an emergency landing and Lawrence was not injured in the incident.

The Federal Aviation Administration released a statement on the incident: "A Hawker Beechcraft B40 aircraft landed safely at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York at about 1.40 pm on Saturday.

"The crew diverted to Buffalo when they declared an emergency due to engine-related issues.

"The flight was heading to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey from Louisville, Kentucky."