Jeremy Corbyn accused of ‘cowardice’ over antisemitism

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A former Labour adviser has said Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of antisemitism allegations in the party shows "cowardice."

John McTernan, who was a senior adviser to Tony Blair, claimed that there is "a strong streak, not just of deflection, but of cowardice running through the way that Jeremy Corbyn’s handling this issue."

He told talkRADIO the opposition leader “doesn’t care what damage is done to the Labour Party’s image, as long as he’s in charge.”  

His comments come after Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt suggested Mr Corbyn could be antisemitic during a debate hosted by talkRADIO and The Sun.

Mr Johnson said the Labour leader was "culpable of that vice" and Mr Hunt said: "Unfortunately, he may be."

The party's ongoing row antisemitism intensified last week after a BBC documentary investigated the party's handling of anti-Jewish abuse allegations.

Meanwhile, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched an investigation into the allegations of institutional antisemitism within the Labour Party.

Mr McTernan warned that Mr Corbyn’s leadership could lead to the “shattering" of the party, either by internal division or a loss of voters. 

“How can people vote for an antisemitic party?” he asked talkRADIO's Mike Graham.

Mr McTernan said it would take a long time for the party to fall "to its knees" and “with grim determination, Jeremy Corbyn devotes every single day to that task."

A Labour spokesman said: "Jeremy Corbyn is implacably opposed to antisemitism in all its forms and has campaigned against it throughout his life."

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