Jeremy Corbyn accused of sabotaging Brexit with 'unrealistic' ultimatum

Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit ultimatum to Theresa May leads to accusations of sabotaging the upcoming negotiations

The Labour Leader has raised the ire of Tory MPs after a TV interview

Monday, March 27, 2017

An ultimatum issued by Jeremy Corbyn over the terms of the future Brexit deal has led to several Tory MPs accusing him of sabotaging the negotiations before they've even begun. 

Appearing on Robert Peston's ITV show, the Labour Leader said his MPs would only vote through a deal which granted unrestrained access to the European single market.

However, this prospect has already been ruled out by the EU, which has repeatedly said participants in the single market has to accept the four accompanying freedoms - including the free movement of people, which allows participants to freely live and work in the market's countries. 

Tories MPs such as Iain Duncan Smith and Philip Davies accused Mr Corbyn of sabotage, while many have ridiculed his demands by suggesting they are simply unrealistic.

Article 50 is set to be triggered on Wednesday, beginning Britain's formal withdrawal process from the EU.