Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of ‘blackmail, bullying and bribery’

Jeremy Corbyn accuses Theresa May of ‘blackmail, bullying and bribery’

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Labour leader has accused Theresa May of a campaign of “blackmail, bullying and bribery” as part of an attempt to gain support for her Brexit deal.

Jeremy Corbyn added that despite “months of running down the clock”, Mrs May had failed to convince MPs to vote for her withdrawal agreement.

The prime minister told MPs that she has now written to the President of the European Council requesting an extension of Article 50 until June 30, to give the government more time to get a deal approved by MPs.  



Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Corbyn said: “Today marks 1,000 days since the referendum. This government has led the country into crisis, chaos and division.

“Months of running down the clock and a concerted campaign of blackmail, bullying and bribery has failed to convince the House that her deal is anything but a damaging, national failure and should be rejected.”

The Labour leader added that the electorate should be given the opportunity to reject the deal and “change the government”.


'History will judge you' 

The prime minister argued that Mr Corbyn did not “want to respect the vote made in the referendum”, and that her deal delivered Brexit.

“We have a deal that keeps millions of livelihoods safe and secure,” she said.

“It protects the union for the future. It means murderers and rapists can be brought back quickly to face justice in this country.



“The deal is good for this country, it delivers Brexit and it will be supported.”

Conservative MP Peter Bone described the prime minister’s request for an extension as “betraying the British people”.

The MP for Wellingborough urged that Mrs May stick to the deadline of March 29, warning her: "History will judge you in this moment.”