Jeremy Corbyn admits he was at memorial service for Palestinian terrorists

Jeremy Corbyn admits he was at memorial service for Palestinian terrorists

Monday, August 13, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn has admitted he was present at a memorial for terrorists, but denied he was involved with the service.

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail published pictures of Corbyn at the memorial event in Tunisia 2014, which was held to honour members of the Palestinian extremist group Black September.

The organisation was behind the Munich Massacre in 1972, in which 11 Israeli athletes and were taken hostage and killed.

In the pictures, Corbyn is seen holding a wreath and standing near a plaque honouring Black September founder, Salah Khalaf, his aide Fakhri al-Omari, and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) chief of security, Hayel Abdel-Hamid, who were all assassinated either by the Israeli secret service or other Palestinian groups.

Also buried in the cemetery is Atef Bseiso, the intelligence chief of the PLO.

Corbyn told Sky News he was not “actually involved” in the memorial service honouring the men.

“A wreath was indeed laid for those who were killed. I was present when it was laid, I don’t think I was actually involved in it,” he said.

“I was present because I wanted to see a fitting memorial to everyone who’s died in every terrorist incident everywhere, you cannot pursue peace with a cycle of violence.”

The Labour Party is under pressure to tackle anti-Semitism in its ranks, with many from the Jewish community, including the Jewish Chronicle’s editor Stephen Pollard, feeling that he isn’t doing enough to weed it out.

Pollard previously told talkRADIO he was fearful of Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.

However Jewish Labour Voice officer Mike Cushman said anti-Semitism claims against Corbyn were ‘fabricated’, saying: “I’ve known Jeremy for years. He’s opposed anti-Semitism, he’s supported Jewish causes, he’s supported Jewish organisations throughout his life. This is a scandal he’s been accused of, something that’s so manifestly untrue.”