Jeremy Corbyn advisors don't realise the battle that lies ahead, says moderate Labour blogger

'Owen Smith in shadow cabinet is a symbolic gesture by Jeremy Corbyn to show he wants unity'

Owen Smith has been appointed in the shadow cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn (Stock image)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A moderate Labour blogger has praised Jeremy Corbyn for his inclusivity - but believes his inner circle don't realise the hard work that lies ahead.

Conor Pope, deputy editor of the Progress website, spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer after Corbyn brought Owen Smith into his shadow cabinet - less than a year after the pair faced off for the Labour leader.

Pope said Smith's appointment as shadow Northern Ireland secretary "is a very symbolic gesture that [Corbyn] wants more unity and a broader team."

However, he added "there is a slight danger here that we are viewing last week’s election as a victory for the Labour party. Because we did so much better than expectations there is this developing psychology that we’ve won.

"Actually I think what the likeliest outcome of this is a really long time of a hung parliament with a daily slog of battles. For that kind of stuff you need people who’ve been around a bit who really know how these structures work.

"I don't think a lot of people around the top around Corbyn really recognise what a battle it’s going to be to stop the Tories."

Pope also touched on Diane Abbott, after she announced she was suffering from diabetes. 

The interviewee suggested the former shadow home secretary gets a rough ride from the public, saying "a lot of people are always less sympathetic of Diane Abbott than they might otherwise be."

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